Spare Parts founded the MINI ART MUSEUM (MAM) to bring the fine arts museum experience to schools and the community. This opportunity for schools seeks to eliminate bus fees & complicated scheduling & simply brings the fine art museum experience to classrooms and events, like yours!


The MINI ART MUSEUM fine arts experience at your school, event or location includes:

  • installation of the MINI ART MUSEUM
  • docent-led tour of the MINI ART MUSEUM
  • magnifying glasses and gallery guides for visitors to view artwork
  • art-making workshop inspired by the exhibition(s)
  • mini gift shop with items on sale between $1-$5 to benefit museum operations (optional)

The MINI ART MUSEUM curriculum, for grades 1-12, help meet the Perception, Creative Expression/Performance, Historical/Cultural Heritage & Critical Evaluation TEKS for Art; Levels K-12. This curriculum can be adapted for use in other content areas to enhance and improve critical, divergent and analytical thinking.


Call & Response: A Retrospective Exhibition
September 2017-August 2018

In this retrospective exhibition are selected works from the MINI ART MUSEUM’s permanent collection. After four years, eleven exhibitions, and thousands of visitors worldwide, the MINI ART MUSEUM continues to serves as a platform for artists and curators to activate dialogue about topics they value. By visiting the museum, you are called to join the conversation. What will be your response?

DEEP IN THE HEART: A Texas Trilogy
June 2015-limited viewing

DEEP IN THE HEART: A Texas Trilogy showcases the artwork of 3 San Antonio born & based artists: 2015 Texas State Artist Vincent Valdez, Angela Fox and recent East Central High School graduate/Visual Arts Scholastic Event medalist Christiana Puente. Each artist created a small-scale portrait reflective of San Antonio’s diverse artistic craftsmanship.

Upcoming: Contemporary Art Month Exhibition curated by Jason Reed
March 2018

Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, check out Jason Reed’s project Borderland Collective at

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Mini Art Museum

22 hours 43 minutes ago

🔎❤️📚 How would you integrate a MINI ART MUSEUM visit into your curriculum? 🤔 #weeart #bigideas

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Mini Art Museum

1 day 19 hours ago

Not your typical MINI ART MUSEUM visit. A few weeks ago, Director of the MAM joined Advanced Leadership Academy students to talk about #weeart installation and exhibit design. The students will be designing their own mini art exhibitions focused on early civilizations, this workshop sparked discussion about the teamwork that goes into putting together exhibitions and exposure to different careers in the arts.

#weeart #careertalk #exhibitiondesign #museum #miniartmuseum #alaacademy #teachersrule #creativeassessment #creative

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Mini Art Museum

1 day 20 hours ago

We want to visit your campus library! Book a MINI ART MUSEUM visit today! 🤗📚🔎

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Mini Art Museum

2 days 15 hours ago

Sculpture students at Brackenridge HS will being using these found materials to create the tiniest of sculptures for their WEE Sculpture Park to be installed on their campus.⠀

✨WEE Showcase : Brackenridge High School, Fall 2018✨⠀
Follow the students at Brackenridge High School as they plan, design, and build a miniature sculpture park on their campus. 🌟This project is proudly student-directed and Spare Parts approved. 🌿 ⠀

#brackenridgehighschool #weesculpturegarden #weeshowcase #foundobjects #assemblage #reusegotmethinking #spareparts #schoolcleanup #weeart @ Brackenridge High School